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Long Distance Girl Here!

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve updated!  Mostly because life has been busy enough that it’s hard to just think of my long-distance relationship.  Mike and I have been keeping in touch though, and that comes down to today’s topic:

When Life Gets Hectic

It might be hard to get that long distance relationship into perspective, especially when your life is a little crazy.  But thinking of it as something relaxing, away from the rest of life can really help you feel better about not having that special someone right there.  A long distance boyfriend or long distance girlfriend might be the way you relax, by spending an hour on the phone, chatting online, or using a webcam before going back to the hectic world around you.

Just don’t let a busy life become an excuse for not taking the time to stay in touch with each other.  Sometimes, Mike only has a minute or two to himself during the day, so he just calls and says hello, as well as “I love you” before going back to the frantically paced lifestyle that is part of his life.  I love these little moments of remembrance, and it reminds me of how lucky I am. 

So if you find yourself busy beyond belief, and unable to spend that hour with your sweetheart, consider a few alternatives to a whole conversation:

1.  A quick voicemail telling him or her how much you care

2.  An email with a few notes about your day

3.  A card that you can just drop in the mail, especially if you are going to be busy for quite some time and may have more days like this

4.  Even a little gift would let your guy or gal know that you are thinking of them

Try one of these methods the next time you’re so frantic with the pace of life that you can barely remember to change your clothing.  Take care!


Long Distance Girl here!

I thought I’d leave a quick update and let all my faithful readers know that my long distance boyfriend and I have picked a wedding date!  That’s right, we see an end to the long distance relationship we’ve been courting, and that ending is:

 October 31, 2009

Yes, yes, I know.  Cliche and silly, right?  Well we’re not goths, or vampire freaks, nor are we going to get married in black under a full moon.  We just wanted something memorable.  So work on getting those goals set for yourself, whether it is another visit, or a wedding date!

Long Distance Girl here!

Today’s post is inspired by my friend Josh, who is in a long distance relationship with a young woman he met online.  They’ve met in person, and seem to be amazingly in love, and he came to me today with the fact that he misses her desperately.  These are what I call the hard times.  When you are realizing how very far away your long distance love is, and how hard long distance relationships with an Internet boyfriend or Internet girlfriend is.  I gave him the advice I’m about to give you with the grain of salt to remember:  If you work hard enough, you’ll be together.

When I’m miserable because I’m missing Mike, I think of a point in the future we have already planned.  For us, we’ve already discussed marriage, and know that we’re both ready to take the plundge after he finishes his tour of duty for his country.  But that is still three years away, and I know I get depressed over it, as many of you with long distance boyfriends or long distance girlfriends might.  So here is what I do:

I imagine what we’re going to do on our honeymoon, because after that point, everything is going to be cake.  The marriage its self is not going to be difficult, because we know we get along.  So I dream of Tuscany.  I think of the warm sun and the smell of crisp Italian air.  I think of a white sand beach somewhere, and the two of us sitting on towels while writing postcards to send back home.  I paint myself such a lovely picture that I can’t quite remember why I was so sad before, when I know this is coming in the future.

That is my strategy for getting through the hard times.  Of course, if you have other ways of getting through them without harming yourself or others, go for it, and share the idea with others you know who are also in relationships that are in progress.

Long Distance Girl here!

Today’s topic is one that is near and dear to my heart because I’m always searching for new ways to tackle the problem of keeping in touch with my long distance boyfriend.  Mike and I have always had great communication, but there are times when we can’t get to the computer or miss eachother’s phone calls.  This is when other ways of keeping in touch come in handy.  While most people are probably thinking, “I won’t lose touch with my long distance boyfriend or long distance girlfriend” I know for a fact that circumstances change, and you may not have as ready access to your long distance love.

Long distance relationships are based on communication amongst other things, and to keep in touch is sublimely important.  I have done things to keep in touch with Mike that most people wouldn’t even bother with, mostly because they’re part of snail mail and a little more expensive than normal routes.  Some of these included:

  • Sending cards via the regular mail
  • Sending post cards
  • Writing an old fashioned letter
  • Leaving messages on voice mail
  • Sending flowers with a nice card
  • Sending a care package with some kind of theme

I’ve done all of these things in one way or another, and I know that the people who have recieved them have enjoyed being thought about.  So the next time you’re struggling to keep in touch, try one of these methods.

Long Distance Girl here!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and while many people don’t like to think about it, you might want to celebrate it in your own way with your long distance sweetheart.  This holiday is quite commercial, but deep down, there are many people who celebrate because it is about celebrating the person you love, most frequently the person you love romantically.  If you have a long distance boyfriend, or a long distance girlfriend, this might mean some planning and forethought that should start rather soon. 

I know that because Mike is going to be in basic training by then, so I’m going to be putting together a care package for him that I can send off in plenty of time for him to get it.  I plan on putting in romantic and silly little things like those snack cakes shaped like hearts, and a card, as well as other items that I know he’ll enjoy or find romantic.  But if your long distance relationship is just a matter of the two of you being far away, like Internet relationships, then you might want to find something unique online to let you send a gift to someone special.


Flowers are a normal gift when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and are a good gift for men and women.  There are plenty of floral shops online that you can visit, and they not only have flowers, but chocolates, gourmet gifts, and little stuffed animals as well, so they’re perfect for whatever your sweetheart likes.  Some of the most popular sites include:


Another traditional Valentine’s Day gift is, of course, candy.  Your Internet girlfriend or Internet boyfriend will appreciate getting something sweet in the mail if they like chocolates or some fun candy.  Some websites you might want to check out for this include:

Other Gift Ideas

Of course, there are plenty of other gift ideas out there for people who want to send something special to a long distance boyfriend or a long distance girlfriend.  These are gifts that are something different, and might not come to mind at first, but are certainly appropriate for the holiday if you are really celebrating the true spirit of the holiday.  You might want to consider:

  • Pajama Grams:  A great way to send someone a gift of adorable pajamas.  These pajamas come in a hat box or a personalized box, and have gifts for men and women.
  • Personalized Romance Novels:  Get your dear lover a romance story staring the two of you with a personalized romance novel.
  • Gift Baskets:  Sending someone you love a gift basket is a great idea simply because it not only gives your lover an assortment of gifts, but you can also find something personalized.  There are coffee gift baskets for coffee lovers, fruit baskets for fruit lovers, wine baskets for wine lovers, and many other ideas.
  • Cookie Bouquets:  If you want to make a unique statement, try sending a cookie bouquet.  There are many different styles to choose from, and these bouquets can even be personalized.
  • Gilded Roses:  Real roses dipped in gold or platinum is a way to send your love something that will last forever, but still has the traditional feel of Valentine’s Day flowers.
  • Amazon:  Many people have wish lists.  What says that you care about a person more than taking the time to find out what they really want?

As you can see, if you just plan ahead, you can certainly surprise your long distance romance with a special gift this Valentine’s Day.  Let him or her know that you’re thinking about him or her.  It’s not about what you get, but the thought that you put into it that matters, and that is more important than any gift.  Even if all you send is a card, at least you took the time to let him or her know that he or she matters to you.  So celebrate Valentine’s Day together, even if you are a continent apart.