Long Distance Girl here!

Today I thought I’d like to discuss the different types of long distance relationships out there.  The term long distance relationship is actually rather hard to pin down.  I searched through several different reference texts including Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and a World Book Encyclopedia, and none of them actually had an entry for it, which surprised me because there are entries for such literary gems like “pimp juice” and “blog”. 

I finally went to the last source of information I try, Wikipedia.com, and found that they simply describe it as a romantic relationship where the two parties involved are seperated by a long distance.  While there was considerably more to the article, that was enough for me to use to write this article with.  To me, a long distance relationship has many forms, and can’t be pinned down by one statement or another.  There are different categories, and different levels of long distance.  One person who thinks their boyfriend or girlfriend living in a nearby suburb is considered a long distance relationship, while another may not consider a relationship “long distance” until there is at least 500 miles between the two lovers.

Types of Long Distance Relationships

Long distance love is difficult, but it should be examined before being considered hopeless.  In my opinion, there are many different types of long distance relationships, some of which are pretty impossible, and others that fall right out of a romance novel.

  • Internet Relationship – Met In Person:  This is my favorite kind of Internet relationship.  It’s the type where two people meet online, get along, maybe even take years to get to know each other before taking the next step, which is meeting in person.  This requires a lot of faith and a little cash on hand, but if there is chemistry there, then there is a good chance this long distance relationship will work.
  • Internet Relationship – Strictly Online:  This style of long distance relationship is a little less likely to work.  I’ve been there, where the two of you meet online, chat, get along great, and always think about meeting in person, but never actually make the plans.  This is a bad sign, it means one of you isn’t as into the other as you both think.  If the long distance relationship is strictly online, then I suggest re-evaluating it.
  • Military Relationship:  I am soon to be in one of these myself, but we all know the story.  The brave soldier (male or female) goes off to some foreign country for months at a time.  Communication is important in this one, from telling each other about hopes, dreams, fears, and being honest about feelings and if they are changing or not.
  • Employment Change:  So your sweetie has been promoted but has to move across the country, or worse, across the world.  While this is an exciting time, it is also a sad time, because you’re losing your love, as well as gaining the heartache that long distance relationships can certainly bring.

None of these types of long distance relationships are really all that doomed, except perhaps for the strictly online Internet relationship.  Anyone who is willing to work to make a long distance relationship successful should not only keep in mind that it isn’t about how often you see each other, but how well you stay in touch.